In Blue Cave - The Hoodoo Gurus

Label:Mushroom Records
Highlights:Big Deal
If Only...
Son Of A Gun

Rating: 7.5/10

In Blue Cave, the final Hoodoo Gurus studio album, is unfortunately rather patchy. As always Dave Falkner is in good voice, the band is as tight as ever and the production is strong and sharp. However, the most disappointing aspect is the lack of good album tracks. The best songs are all ones that I've heard before such as Big Deal, If Only... and Son-Of-A-Gun. Down On Me is another good song that I feel is let down in the lyrical department while Why? is an upbeat rocker that namechecks You Am I. Apart from these songs, there isn't much else to maintain my interest. To often, the Hoodoo Gurus come across as playing within themselves. Songs like Mine, Please Yourself, All I Know and Night Must Fall aren't bad but could have been so much more. On the other hand, Mind The Spider is nothing short of embarrassing. All in all, In Blue Cave comes close to being at a classic Gurus album but too often the band seem to be aiming for the middle ground and subsequently they fall short of my high expectations. Far from being disgraced, however, this is still a fine way for the Gurus to end their long career as one of Australia's most popular bands.

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